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Default Re: hdmi audio only working once (per boot) after upgrading from 256.53 to 260.19.29

I am not sure if this is the same issue, I started testing 295.17 on my mythbuntu 11.10 test machine with vanilla alsa and 3.3rc2 from mainline. my results are with xbmc although I have not tested mythfrontend as I just noticed the issue with xbmc so far. I can boot up fine hdmi audio is fine, I start xbmc and it is still fine, I get gui sounds etc with no issues, as soon as I try and play a file ANY kind of file xbmc tells me it cannot initialize my sound settings therefore no audio until I restart xbmc and then the same issue.
I tried to install Alsa 1.0.25-3 last night and that just made the issues worse as it now caused a kernel oops in sound-hda-codec and pretty much every module included with that but the nvidia video driver/module would still load about every third boot. I did a clean install and I am back to x-swat 290.10. I do not recall having the issues with 295.09. If this is not the same problem please advise or you can move the post to a new thread. I am awaiting feedback from gnif at xbmc regarding this issue as well.

EDIT ok so I have tried both 295.09 and 295.17 both binary driver perform exactly the same way looking in dmesg it seems either something is loading twice or is being polled twice. i also disable my sound.conf file hence the 4 hdmi devices. I am heading back to 290.10 from x-swat.

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