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Default Re: NVIDIA GeForce 295.51

I returned to 290.53 and everything is fine again, im even using lower ram timings from 295.51 driver (same lower OC, ram 1068mhz)

Also yeah there is definitely some kind of vram memory leak with HBAO, with 290.53 it never exceeds 1170mb in any map, usually its ~ 1150mb, also there is no issue with effects on ultra in Metro map.

Anti aliasing is kinda the same though, maybe just a little less jaggies on distant objects..

Same with streaming stutter there is practically none in Metro - outside, im gpu bound in those 2-3 spots 99% usage and its here is where i see min 52fps.
Ah well lol, but still its like night and day compared to 295.51, no hitching when its maxed out.
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