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Default Re: kernel: NVRM: os_schedule: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic or interrup

I would entertain the thought of a broken graphics card.

But I got to tell you, if I have to replace this one I'd be not amused and if the Xorg drivers for ATI are up to some better standards now that would be it. I just moved this card from my gaming machine to my workstation because the 7800 GTX in there had a dual-link DVI port that tried to do dual-link but unsuccessfully so, and there is a whole stack of dead NVidia cards right next to my chair. In any case this card worked fine in the gaming machine.

It could also be some issue in this dual-card setup in an Asus board (who know what they did with the BIOS again) but the second card is just sitting there with a background image, sounds not too likely.

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