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Default Re: Post Your Video Card Pictures; Any Vintage, Any Model

I should dig out my collection. Not as vast as it once was, gotten rid of a lot of my more prized parts- GeForceFX 5950U (with an Arctic Cooler HSF on it, that thing OC'd like mad for a 5950U), 6800GT (with an Arctic Cooler HSF as well, OC'd well beyond the "Ultra" speeds), dual 7600GTs I had in SLi, my 8800s are long gone (gave one to a co-worker, parents still have the other, and sold my 8800GTXs some time back).

I do have quite a few older cards though- Cirrus Logic, older GeForce 4s, an old Radeon, etc. Maybe today or tomorrow I'll bust them out and click some quick pictures.
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