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Default Re: Alan Wake coming to Steam in February

They could do some awesome with this game. As it was originally gonna' be a PC game, pushing graphical bounderies and promoting DX10 way back in the day, I could see them breaking some berriers with this game- properly using multi-core and multi-threaded CPUs, taking advantage of advanced APIs such as DX10.1 or preferrably DX11, taking advantage of the faster subsystems of the PC such as DDR3 RAM, SSD/SATA II and III for streaming in data of new areas, the larger framebuffers on today's video cards... a lot of hardware for them to take advantage of here.

Honestly, I expect them to fully exploit the capabilities of today's hardware. After abandoning the PC platform as they did with this game, they have a crap ton to live up to in order to impress me. If this turns out to be a game worthy of today's top-end gaming rigs then I'll definitely consider it. Otherwise, I'll probably pass or pick it up on a super cheap steam sale.
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