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Default Re: Post Your Video Card Pictures; Any Vintage, Any Model

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I should dig out my collection. Not as vast as it once was, gotten rid of a lot of my more prized parts- GeForceFX 5950U (with an Arctic Cooler HSF on it, that thing OC'd like mad for a 5950U), 6800GT (with an Arctic Cooler HSF as well, OC'd well beyond the "Ultra" speeds), dual 7600GTs I had in SLi, my 8800s are long gone (gave one to a co-worker, parents still have the other, and sold my 8800GTXs some time back).

I do have quite a few older cards though- Cirrus Logic, older GeForce 4s, an old Radeon, etc. Maybe today or tomorrow I'll bust them out and click some quick pictures.
Im sure Redeemed that your collection is quite large.
Ephesians 2:8
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