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Default Re: So I bought a windows phone

So I ran into the first major snafu with my phone. Trying to upload / download office documents. Can't do it with zune, don't want to do it with skydrive.... Sent myself the document as an attachment in an email and was able to download it. The I made a couple of changes, but couldn't figure out how to save it. Finally figured out that you have to use the back button to get back to the menu to find the save as, or it will prompt you to save the changes if you hit back enough times.

Now at this point the document is saved. It's even more annoying now to try to get it back off the phone and onto my pc. Can't email it to myself cause I can't browse the filesystem, and you can't click the share and choose e-mail. This has to do with me turning off automatic syncing of my email accounts. If you do not have an active email account on the phone, these options will not show up. Once I turned on email sync I was able to open up the document and share it. You still cannot go into your email account, compose a new email, and attach the file from there.

This part is just so incredibly backwards that there is no way I would ever get a tablet based upon windows phone. I could have moved that file in seconds on Windows Mobile, but there is no easy way to get files back and forth unless you want to use skydrive. The data in my file is somewhat sensitive that I don't really want to be emailing it back and forth, so obviously using the phone for documents isn't going to work well unless some changes are made.
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