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Originally Posted by uOpt View Post
No it's not. They clarified later that this is the people in the 30 days. I can't help noticing that there are 300,000 people who payed for the game and then never activated their play time. I wonder whether this has to do with the scheme that required you to put in a credit card and activate a subscription (for after the 30 days) which some people might have misunderstood and thought they were ripped off.

EA clearly stated that their numbers were accurate as of Feb. 1, which is well after the initial free 30 day period. They haven't released a single statement claiming otherwise since that investor conference call. Whoever told you what you are claiming lied to you.

During that call Eric Brown, the CFO said, "The majority of these subscribers are paying customers already." That was during the conference call. The 300k number is people who decided not to subscribe, not people who never played.
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