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Someone call my name?....Alright let's get down to business here..

What's your budget and be honest about it, since depending on wich Xeon's you pick(there are 4 core to 6 core Xeons that can be used), this can be relatively doable within a reasonable budget, all things considered, or a multithreaded insane asylum where both CPU's alone already set you back 3600$, without considering any other hardware costs at all.

The other large costs would be video cards( if using more than 1) and memory( if you want to use all 12 slots with some of the best memory out there) and the case itself, since these boards use the HPTX form factor, wich is actually larger than even E-ATX, and there's only a few cases that handle such boards by default, unless you're willing to modify another model to make it fit, wich might involve a lot of work depending on the case you start with.

As for the Classified SR-X, it depends on the Xeon version of sandy bridge E's eventually being released in march and then EVGA testing the board with them, developing the bios and like the SR-2, and to really max out it's potential in performance terms beyond what the SR-2 can already do, cheap it won't be....
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