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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
No that CPU is not compatible. You need a Dual Socket Xeon from the 5000 series.

And no, a platform like that doesn't help you for gaming. The SR-2's main purpose is to break benchmark records or build a highly threaded workstation if you're on a tight budget.

shadow uses one, he can tell you more.

That's a tricky question since they do overclock extremely well and support both liquid cooling and even have design features for those going towards even more extreme cooling methods, but yes gaming doesn't show their full abilities mainly because the game simply doesn't leverage all the CPU cores/threads(at least not yet), so it's not the hardware that's the problem here but patiently waiting for software to use what's there, and it's a process that will take years, but i built this setup for the long term haul anyhow.

My Xeons are buzzing along nicely at 4.2 Ghz for the past year( 6 core X5650's, stock is 2.67Ghz), under water cooling, so while sandy bridges do overclock higher still it isn't by a huge amount either, and to get an idea, here's a result from 3Dmark 11(performance setting) with the video cards at stock clocks(all 4 of them).

I'll easily bust 20K on the performance setting once the cards are water cooled and overclocked next week, so it's not the fastest in gaming, but it easily holds it's own....
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