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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
That's what I mean, the SR-2 is fine for benchmarking. But that's pretty pointless anyway, at least in my opinion. For gaming, there are smarter solutions out there.

True, as gaming software doesn't leverage all the hardware inside yet, but i keep it in perspective, since there was a time when dual core CPU's weren't any faster than single core ones, simply because the games weren't written to take advantage of that second core, or when the first 4 core CPU's were released, the same happended again and they were no faster than dual core processors for gaming.

Now we see it when going from 4 core to 6 core processors, where the latter are faster in applications where all 6 cores are leveraged, but gaming isn't one of them, even though it will eventually happen, so little old me with 12 cores onboard this system, you can say i'm a little too far ahead of the curve when it comes to gaming and seeing them being really used in that scenario anytime soon....

The upcoming Evga SR-X using socket 2011 sandy bridge-E's( the Xeon version), with all 8 cores enabled in each CPU is even more overkill for gaming, as when it's fully configured to it's max potential, that's 16 physical cores and 32 threads that can be handled so it takes the problem even higher when it comes to gaming where even more hardware isn't getting used anyhow.....It'll be awsome for benchmarking and using applications that leverage all that hardware, but gaming isn't one of them.
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