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Default Sapphire To Release AMD Radeon HD 7970 GPUs with 1335Mhz Core Clocks & One w/ 6GB Mem

It would appear that AMD’s Radeon HD 7970’s overclocking capabilities are the real deal. A confidential company document from Sapphire has leaked to the net, that outlines 6 non-reference graphics cards to be released by Sapphire in 2012. The two graphics cards that really stand out are the 'Atomic RX' and 'Atomic WC' that both come clocked at 1335Mhz core and 5735Mhz memory. There is another card listed that looks to stand out as well codenamed “FLEX 6G”. The “FLEX 6G” packs 6144MB of video memory running at stock clock speeds of 925Mhz core 5500Mhz memory. The rest of the pack consists of milder overclocked variants including the “Toxic 3G” and “VaporX 3G”. It seems Sapphire wants to set the bar for custom designed AMD Radeon 7900 series graphics cards and it looks like they are off to a great start. This is great news for enthusiasts as well as it will be nice to slap on a custom water cooling block and run a Radeon 7970 at over 1.3GHz! NVIDIA better have a monster with the GK104 as AMD's 7900 series is off to what looks like a good start.
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