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Originally Posted by cmsmith View Post
Samsung has the best SSD's when it comes to reliability which isn't suprising as they don't use Sandforce. Unfortunately, due to historically poor performance of Samsung nobody really paid any attention to them. That has changed recently with the introduction of their 830 series of SSD's. Due to their combination of speed and reliability, these series of SSDs maybe the best overall drives on the market at this point in time.

Intel has been working with Sandforce creators to iron out some wrinkles in their controller. Apparently, there was/is a particularly bad problem with Sandforce that can lead to a BSOD under certain circumstances. There was an article on this website 2 or 3 days ago about this as a matter of fact. Anyway, Intel will get an updated Sandforce Controller chip exclusive to them for a fairly long period of time; the reliability of their drives should be really great using this updated Sandforce controller.

I'm hoping SSD prices will drop midway through this year. When Windows 8 comes out, I'd like to purchase that OS and pick up a 120 GB or so Samsung 830 series drive to go along with the OS purchase for a great pickup in system speed.
intel was using a Marvell controller, not sandforce in their drives. thats why they were more reliable but a little slower. the 520 series which just came out uses the sandforce controller and intel proprietary firmware to dodge ocz's spotty job
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