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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
You can't really compare different architectures that easy, especially when one is not even out in the wild. It will probably perform around a 7950 in most situations where bandwidth limitations aren't too apparent. It could easily do better, I don't know, but unless they have some crazy efficient cache setup it's going to fall short whenever bandwidth is a concern.

It also sounds like they are following suit with one upping the model numbers (or two in this case, technically) like AMD did last gen.

Both companies make cards that are extremely memory bandwith efficient these days, and keep in mind that a GTX580 has a 384 bit bus and 192 GB/sec of memory bandwith, and even an HD7950 still has 220 GB/sec of memory bandwith and 3 GB of ram to boot....The only time it wouldn't be bandwith limited is at lower resolutions and lower levels of AA use, where in the first case it's likely the CPU holding things back in many games, and the second case is as soon as AA settings and resolutions are cranked up there, i find it hard to believe it'll be a match for a cards like the GTX580 or even less the HD7950....

It'll still be a great card for 300$, but butting heads with cards costing 450$ is punching above it's weight class by quite a bit, but we'll see in 2 months when they're reviewed i guess.
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