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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Newegg has the Samsung 830 series 128GB SSD on sale now for $184.99 and free shipping using code EMCNHJN24
Is it a pretty fast drive and worth the money? I've never had an SSD but I'd like to get one.
Samsung historically has had the best drives when it came to reliability. Unfortunately, their SSD units always lacked in the performance department. In some cases, badly.

That has changed with their 830 series units. According to all the reviews, the units are still slightly slower than their Sandforce counterparts but not enough for a typical user to notice. The reliability is still there.

To answer your question, they are fast drives and worth the money. Every penny of it.

I'm going to get an SSD drive, 120 GB or so, later this year once the prices drop a bit. It will be my OS drive. I'll decide what I ultimately want then but the Samsung 830 unit is my #1 choice as of now. I'll kick around getting an Intel 520 unit as well based on Intel's work to make those reliable. However, that will be the only Sandforce drive I look at; the other manufacturers are just having problems with their stuff now. In the end, I'll choose between these two drives and only these two drives.

I've been researching this quite a bit. The Samsung 830 series and the Intel 520's are really the only way to go right now.
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