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Default 5600XT vs. 53.28 drivers

I had geforce 2 mx 440 and everything had worked perfectly OK, but yesterday I purchased geforce FX 5600 XT, and problems started
I need new card because I want to connect my DFP via DVI. So i downloaded newest drivers (53.28). Installation ended without any problems. But now when i try `startx' DFP is blank, problem is AFAIK in
dual headed nature of the card. Log is full of `... is not valid TV mode' messages. I think that X server ended with TV as primary device..

So make things clear: I don't use TwinView, I have only one mode in device section (1280x1024@60Hz) which worked perfectly with old card.

All I want is X screen in 1280x1024 via DVI -> no TV, no dual, etc..
How can I get rid off that television stuff?

Log attached.

Any idea highly appreciated.

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