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Default Re: next gen kepler to support dx 11.1, also take a year to rollout all cards

You sure that card is only using 8 memory chips and that the memory speed is the same as what's needed for the GK104?...I'm asking since the card you liked resembles like a professional version the HD5870 eyefinity edition, wich has 6 mini display ports and 4 GB of ram, but did it using 16 memory modules and rated at 1200 Mhz, and cost quite a bit more than a regular HD5870(100~150$ more i think)....Now look at the price of this professional version...

The second link is a Nvidia card with a 384 bit bus, while the GK104 is supposedly limited to a 256 bit one...

Not quite the same as using just 8 modules and needing to run at 1500Mhz like the GK104 since it's a card that will sell for 300$ afterall.
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