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Originally posted by Heavyd
My Systems specs are:

AMD Althon 750mhz
512mb PC133
Geforce 4 MX
20 gig Maxtor 7200
Asus K7V Slot A
Onboard Via sound (The Sh!ttest ever)
LG 52x Cd drive
Mitsumi 4x4x24x Burner
Windows Xp Service pack 1

Laugh at me and ill hunt you down

Anyways I played and beaten the game on my bro 2.4ghz but still its pretty slow. Ill just play Deus Ex 1.. I think this will my 10th time. Ill think Realistic this time insted of Hard and Unatco ruins is the coolest ever
Thats the reason I asked, is that many have said the game runs badly, even on good pcs. I dont laugh at peoples pcs, most of us have what we can afford As long as people do understand that if they are running old/slow hardwre, there is a good chance that they may not be able to run the latest games.
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