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Default Re: VDPAU and KDE 4.8 compositing = slow

Originally Posted by man mplayer
Using the VDPAU frame queueing functionality controlled by the queuetime options makes MPlayer's frame flip timing less sensitive to system CPU load and allows MPlayer to start de‐
coding the next frame(s) slightly earlier which can reduce jitter caused by individual slow-to-decode frames. However the NVIDIA graphics drivers can make other window behavior
such as window moves choppy if VDPAU is using the blit queue (mainly happens if you have the composite extension enabled) and this feature is active. If this happens on your system
and it bothers you then you can set the queuetime value to 0 to disable this feature. The settings to use in windowed and fullscreen mode are separate because there should be less
reason to disable this for fullscreen mode (as the driver issue shouldn't affect the video itself).
so, can you try mplayer2 -vo vdpau:queuetime_windowed=0:queuetime_fs=0:fps=-1?
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