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Default Re: No GTX680 until Q2 2012

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Viral is just speculating on what we will see if there are indeed 4096 SP's. I think he's spot on if the rumor is true. The thought of 4096 CUDA units is absurd, and doubling SP's while lowering clocks is a reasonable approach.
This assumption is as much as mine, nothing to go but gut instincts perhaps (but we all aren't ASIC experts). Just because that the purported tactics for GK110 is to try to get more SPs in doesn't mean squat in terms of the capability of the SPs themselves. Is still am skeptical that the sp count could be that high!

If anything, some fervent hater of NV who runs a not so accurate website mentioned that the GK110 is/may be reticule limited which leads me (and only me perhaps) to believe that if it is 4096 SPs then, the SPs may not be so limited (then again it depends what market we are talking ab out I guess).

This shader thing talk is interesting. Its interesting in that the focus on DP related markets is taking it toll on both camps as that's the lucrative market (well maybe I sould say us desktop GAMERS! ). Both these IHVs can't ignore that emerging market yet at the same time, both have to compromise to give something that is acceptable for HPC/professional market and also desktops.


hmmm...what a load of codswallop! hahahah
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