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Default The HD-7700 Does'nt look to good unless it is a rummor

IT is supposed to have better GCN Architecture and bigger Stream Processors but the spec's they show don't look to impressive with a 128bit buss and just 72.GB/s compared to 264GB/s of the 7970 384bit buss.2048 stream processors to 640 ,It will have 1 gig of memory running at 1125 {4500} compared to 1375{5500},It has16 ROPs compared to 32.It is priced around $140.Unless this is just a rumor,who knows it looks like it could be real.Click image for larger version

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When I saw this I did not see any reviews ,after looking at the review ,it does'nt do so bad .It only uses 80 watts which is great and it is faster then I thought it would be .AMD should price these at $129 since it loses to the HD6850 which is around the same price at the moment.The closest card nvidia has against it is the old GTX460 and the HD7700 beats it nearly all the time.Right now AMD is in contest with itself since there are so many that run around the same.But it is a nice entry card with DX11.1 support and uses 80watts and can run in crossfire.I just think if they would price the HD7700 at $129 and the 7750 at $99 It would be a better deal ,but at the moment they have no competition.Good for AMD{ATI}
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