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Default Re: [Regression] 295.17 / 295.20 segfault when searching in gnome3

I've two machines both running ArchLinux/64, however this problem *always* happen on only one so i downgraded to 290.10.. don't get what's up with the other machine, the new 295.20 doesn't crash there.
However, i thought the update would fix some long-standing, gnome-shell related problems, such as the one triggered by resizing Blender windows that will entirely crash gnome-shell, also after login everything seems to load fine, but inspecting dmesg i usually find at least one message such as:

gnome-shell[1106]: segfault at 58 ip 00007f778a110b08 sp 00007f775a04ff88 error 4 in[7f778a0fd000+2b000]
..or in libnvidia-glcore or in libnvidia-tls or even libfreetype2..
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