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Default Re: [Regression] 295.17 / 295.20 segfault when searching in gnome3

Hi, i've had a similar problem with old $HOME/.nv Files. Here Firefox doesn't start anymore, it only show the windowmanager frames. Cause my $HOME is NFS-based and other things were upgraded before this error, i need a lot of time to come to the nvidia driver as the reason.
.nv here wasn't created during WM+nvidia start, this Dir is created on my setup first from FF start (maybe OpenGL rendering...)

IMHO nvidia linux devs should move the .nv directory to $HOME/.cache. This could be a faster solution to similar problems. I use Archlinux as distro and on our bbs I always advise users with so like "Voodoo" problems
a) create a new user
b) if the problem disappears with the new user the reason is mostlikely in $HOME of the old user. So next advise is to clear/move all caches...

But when programs violate <g> in user's $HOME and scatter their files mostly direct under $HOME in (own) hidden dirs this cache clearing is often useless...
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