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Default Re: No GTX680 until Q2 2012

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
I'm just saying that the die size would be insanely large if they quadrouple the amount of the current CC's. Also, unless they beef up the rest of the chip accordingly and significantly increase the memory bandwidth those extra cores will go to waste due to imbalance in the architecture. If they're using that many cores, it's damn likely they will be different (weaker) than the current cores. I doubt they'll change the naming, however.

Assuming the cores wont be hot clocked, we can at least assume that they will only be half as capable at any given base clock speed. Surely the removal of hot-clock-ability will no doubt free up some space and complexity on the die, which in turn makes adding that many more cores possible.

[i]Current rumour is that the GK104 will have 1536 CC's, think of that as a 768 CC GF1xx part. Of course clock speeds will be a bit more than half of the old hot clock speeds, most likely. I myself think they they will possibly be further reduced beyond just removing the hot clock, but not too drastically.[/8]
yeah apparently its like so

I can tell you that the Mockup68.jpg is wrong.

The Cuda core numbers are correct but by this definition of Cuda core, you get 1 FMA per core versus 2 FMA as in Fermi.
So it's equivalent to a 768 Cuda core Fermi clock for clock in this regard.
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