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Default Re: Official Screenshot Thread 2012

Alan Wake
Everything Maxed Out (FXAA OFF! It blurs textures)
In Game 8xAA 16xAF

Eye-Candy: The graphic engine is amazing. Being developed for xbox360 there are some weaknesses like textures, no fancy POM, Tessellation and stuff like that.
Still engine is great, with built-in AA, FXAA sucks as it blurs textures that are already at a weaker side. with FXAA off and 16xAF HQ plus driver tweaks for LOD bias, they look pretty sharp and nice. Big plus is volumetric effects of smoke and lights. I just love the game at day time :P Oh, and thanks for option for turning HUD off, great for screenshots
Performance: it pretty much stresses out my system, GPU usage is always at 99%, until i hit vsync's 60FPS (which happens very rarely). strane thing is that video memory usage is always same at 685MB (@1400x1050 resolution), must be some limitation being an xbox360 port.
Controls: plays a lot like Resident Evil (4,5). Happy with the controls mouse and keyboard usage.

Not talking about story and gameplay they are awesome :P
Screens from first Episode of the game couldn't get any further.
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