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Default Re: 295.20 segfaults a game *UNLESS* i launch with gdb ?? - previous drivers fine...

Originally Posted by interzoneuk View Post

Here is an odd one.

I can confirm it has to be the driver - this issue is occuring on 2 OS's - Arch Linux and openSuse both using latest driver - 295.20

I am trying to play a game - digital paint2 -

- Its a game based on a modified Quake2 engine.

If I try to play using the latest driver - x86_64-295.20 the game segfaults when I run it (always)

- I get this is dmesg

However - (and this I find very odd..) if I run the game with gdb (I tried using it to see what was going on) it works 100% fine (although slower as debugging is occurring) .

How is this possible ?

It 100% must be the driver - if I go back to previous one - x86_64-290.10 it's fine.

Its happening also on 2 separate systems - Arch Linux and OpenSuse 12.1 - on both systems if I revert back it works fine.

Any ideas ?


AMD X2 4600
Nvidia 450 GTS
Arch Linux + openSuse (64bit)
Nvidia driver: 295.20
Sounds similar to i.e I tried to get a backtrace just to find out that it works fine in gdb.
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