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Default Re: Desktop freeze with 270.x drivers, KDE 4 and Compiz

Thanks for the tip about KDE 4.8, dflogeras. However me being a Gentoo stable user, I'll wait untill 4.8 hits the stable tree. I'm looking forward to it, though. my other laptop is a D810 with r300 graphics. Phoronix reported on some significant improvements there as well.

Switching VT's has always been problematic for me on the D820. When you are lucky it works, but most of the time they just stay dark. At some point in time I believed uvesafb was to blame, apparently frame buffers and binary drivers don't mix well. The D810 with its KMS and DRI2 r300g driver certainly gives a much more pleasant experience when switching VTs.

IMHO KDE 4.7 is pretty good as well, especially the improved pulseaudio integration (compared to 4.6) is nice.

Anyway all of this seems slightly OT. So let me just restate that the 295.17 driver is still working like a charm for me. Thumbs up for nVidia! I guess I could also try the newer 295.20 driver; but let's just say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" for now... ;-)
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