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Default Re: never been this excited for gaming system launch since the wii

Initial Impressions:

Very light yet sturdy. The screen is beautiful, I think the best screen I have seen on a mobile device, the touch interafce is super responsive. If you are used to tablets, the interface should be intuitive and user friendly. Some people complained about the inability to use the analog controls on the UI, but I didnt find that a big issue.


Uncharted is definitely the showcase game. The visuals are as good as the PS3, and the controls are just the same. The touch controls are very well implemented, and makes platforming redundant in the game, which may or may not be such a great thing.

Modnation Racers is the game I am spending the most time with. The game is as good as it PS3 counterpart, and features the same level of customization and options.

Little Devaints is a good showcase for the Vita's features, and is fun for a while. Kids loved it a lot but it can get monotonous after a while. Since it came with the bundle, I am not complaining. But I wont pick it up separately.

There were some bugs in the setup. When adding your psn account, it tells you to update,. But when you click update it tells you to select your account. Work around was to use a guest account, then update, and then add your psn account. The Near feature was interesting. It shows other Vita users in a 10 mile radius, what they are playing. You can communicate with them and setup matches, I guess. You can set your privacy levels, like hide your location, hide your games, etc. I definitely wont want people to see I am playing my vita at the workplace!!!

Battery life is pretty good. Out of the box the brightness is set to about 75% and it drains the battery pretty fast. Once I set it to like 30% which is still very bright in a well lit room, it went to almost 5 hours. Also when you put it on standby, the drain is very little.

The bundle came with a 4GB card. I dont plan to buy anything bigger, since its mostly for stuff you buy off PSN and I dont see that happening a lot. You can always backup stuff to your ps3 or PC. So if you run out of space, that is always an option.

I downloaded NBA2K12 for the psp from the store. And it plays just as it did on the psp. There is an option to make the graphics a little bit more sharper on the vita. But its not very noticeable.
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