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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
I am still enjoying this game.

The single player/story with the mmo side for pvp and end game content is very well done. They still need to fine tune the game, but the approach is great.

I think what really made this game a success for bioware is the story and the voice acting. Without it, it would be just another generic mmo. WoW in space.

Remember guys, each class has its own unique story, so it's worth spending time on another class to see the story. Don't forget the companions as well.

Money doesn't seem an issue to me, i went slicing/treasure hunting/underworld trading. using the ah to sell everything. At lvl 34 i have close to a million credit, with a played time of 2 days/14 hours...and there is so much more content left to play.
The bold above is definitely true, but I think they are banking far too heavily on everyone doing this.
A good portion of MMO players like character advancement as a long term goal.. My Merc was in full Rakatta after 3 weeks.. I've rolled a few alts, but a big portion of my guild have moved onto to something else, or gone back to WoW..Rift etc.. and only log in on Raid nights.
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