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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

My rig which has gone unchanged since 2010. Its a bit of a hodgepodge all around. The motherboard i got second hand from DDoc a few years ago, as well as the cpu and ram. The case and psu were new in 07, as with all of the fans. The cpu cooler was brought in 2010 as well as the dvd drive, OS and graphics card. I used to attempt to wire manage but that fell by the wayside. The hard drive was new in 09, haven't had any issues yet.

I can explain the dynamat and duct tape fan. I have an extreme sensitivity to sound and in 07 i wanted to make my PC as quiet as possible and suspending the fan and damping materials helped. Although my ears are no longer extremely sensitive (i still have my issues problems with sound) I haven't seen any reason to remove the dynamat.

The desk, chair and crt monitor are all second hand. The desk looks more bowed then it is in RL. Together they were $50. Keyboard and mouse are in sig, 360 controller and logitech ps2 controller also pictured.

Inter Q9950@stock. Scythe CPU cooler.4gigs Corsair ddr2 1066. Segate 1tb drive. Ati Theater Pro 650. Evga GTX460 768@845mhz. Win 7 64 Professional.
Dell 2007wfp S-IPS. Dell P1130. Razer Deathadder. Ducky 87 key mechanical keyboard. Xbox 360 controller for windows.
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