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Default New observation on 5328 with linux 2.6.0

Alrighty then. It seems maybe I wasn't so screwed up after all. From what I can
now surmise:

a. Rifling through all that error stream from using the 2.6.0 headers, I found this
little pearl somewhere in the middle:

In file included from nv.c:14:
nv-linux.h:51:4: #error This driver does not support 2.6.x or newer kernels!

So from that I conclude:

b. There was nothing all that bad about using the 2.4-something headers, other
than the fact that the resulting module would be a 2.4-ish module, and a
2.6.0 kernel won't be happy with that - hence, the "bad format" type message.

So then I guess my last question will be - any idea when yet a new driver might
be released that would support 2.6.X?

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