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Default There are some dangerous Files out there

I was looking at my email and it said I had one from the Postal delivery service .I scan it with my virus scanner and it said it was clean.I had bought something and I knew it was comeiing though the mail is why I did'nt think twice about opening it .Big mistake it made all my files disappear on all my drives .I tried to do a recovery but to no aveil.It would boot up just fine ,but when it went to the desktop nothing was there except my taskbar.I tried opening my two other drives and nothing was there .Then I got a masage that my hardive was 20% slower and my ram was getting hot .But I could fill my memory and it was cool.Then something came up and said it was window check servive ,I could not cancel it and when it got though it said my memory was defected and my CPU was bad and my harddrives had a lot of bad sectors. then it had a fix it button.whenI pushed that it took me to a web site and said for the full version it could fix it all ,for just $89.95.I knew it was a virus or malware but had a hard time finding it ,but I finnally found it and in safe mode was able to deleat them.But the damage had done ben done .I had no start up menu and all my files were dissapeared.I could go in to folder option and click on to show all my hidden files and there they were.But it will take a clean install to ever get it right again.I was lucky that I had another harddrive laying around that had the same windows install on it and it was already activated.It showed me to alway be weary about openning a email file.
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