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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Unfortunately you need to be literate in order to find the story in WoW.

Imo I actually prefer the way wow tells its story line. Events unfold area by area.. and are relevant only to that area. While vanilla had no central theme and finding links in quest lines was slim, BC and up easily fixed this. You could come back and start a new toon and level up some place different and get a whole new experience and you experience quest lines that happened in the same time period, but in a separate part of the world. this is what makes WoW so awesome, its layout is realistic.. it is free roaming in both layout, motion, and time. The story and the events in the world do not stand still because you choose not to except a certain quest.

the only thing disappointing is the lack of seeing results from your quest. Wotlk and cata have a scan few instances where phasing allows you to see changes to a zone based on the completion of a quest change, but it would have been nice to see changes to an area, villagers returning to homes after the many many quest where I slay all the baddies that had taken over.
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