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Heh, after playing through Deus Ex 1 on a 200 mhz computer with a Voodoo 3, I've never thought about making fun of other people's setups. Though my current computer is starting to get to the "outdated/ancient" state too, when I was playing some U2XMP the other day and everyone was mentioning their specs, I said I had an XP1600 and one guy said "I pity you"
Ahh yes, just like the good old days...can't believe I actually played through half of Homeworld 1 at 640x480 on my 200 mhz computer....IN SOFTWARE MODE!

Oh, and it's not as fast as a TI4200, but for the price I really don't think you can beat this:
An FX5200 might not be the fastest card around, but it will run any game (granted at reduced resolution), and for $63 shipped it's a really nice card for a budget gamer. Should be a decent amount faster then your GF4MX, and it has full DX9 support so it won't be outdated for a long time (well, feature-wise, anyway). Wonder if they'll get any of those refurbished models back $40 it would be cheaper then a GF3!
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