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Default Re: The HD-7700 Does'nt look to good unless it is a rummor

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Sorry I think my info may be out of date. It's looking now like Trinity will be GCN based? It won't perform anywhere close to 7750, so the cfx may only be useful for notebook setups? Unless the earlier news about crossfiring with other architectures means using a 6670 or something to crossfire with trinity?
I honestly am not sure what you're talking about...

I'm only concerned with the desktop, socket FM1, variants. Not notebook. I want to get an A10 APU and pair it with the highest-end GPU it can be paired with in CrossFire. Right now that'd be the 3870K with a Radeon HD 6670. Together, for somebody that isn't a graphics junkie, that'd be a fair combination. However with the 7-series just launching and the new batch of A10 APUs just around the corner I'd hate to build him a rig that for the same price if I'd just waited another month or two, would have doubled his performance potentially lasting him twice as long untill he'd have to upgrade.

I'm mostly curious what discrete GPU the A10 APUs will be able to pair with, and what GPU the A10 APUs will have integrated, and then how well the package as a whole will perform together. Likely wont know this till the products are available of course.
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