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Originally posted by Heavyd
My Systems specs are:

AMD Althon 750mhz
512mb PC133
Geforce 4 MX
20 gig Maxtor 7200
Asus K7V Slot A
Onboard Via sound (The Sh!ttest ever)
LG 52x Cd drive
Mitsumi 4x4x24x Burner
Windows Xp Service pack 1

Laugh at me and ill hunt you down

Anyways I played and beaten the game on my bro 2.4ghz but still its pretty slow. Ill just play Deus Ex 1.. I think this will my 10th time. Ill think Realistic this time insted of Hard and Unatco ruins is the coolest ever
hmph, looking at those specs, does your board have an agp slot?

Also, to take advantage of a G4 ti 4200, you might want to upgrade the board and cpu, and maybe the power supply.

A quality 350 watt ps should be good enough. Ask the folks here about more details on this, as Im off to work.

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