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Default Re: Far Cry 3 Gameplay 5min video

Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
After FC2, I won't be touching this game, because it looks like another huge reach. No thanks, I don't give money to people who are trying to use the same old junk to get my money. Just because you put some fancy shmancy new techno song in your trailer (like BF3) doesn't mean you're going to get my money for the same old crap. At least be some-what original or do something actually new.

Dead Space didn't, they just improved the original formula and the sequel wound up being better than the first, imo.

They had so much material to work with in the first Far Cry I think a return to the roots (that trailer reminded me so much of the first stranded tanker incursion) might make a great game.

I'm open on this one, even though I didn't care for the second.
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