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Default Re: How to make Win7 handle eight GPUs properly ?

I have a feeling that it is due to a limitation in the new graphics framework provided under Vista/7. In many ways the graphics card in the 2000/XP environment was just another device with another driver. With the new model everything has changed.

You've got a long road ahead of you. You will need to submit a ticket with Microsoft formally, and I have a feeling they're going to tell you to contact Nvidia. I hope I'm wrong, because they will undoubtedly point the finger at Microsoft.

I wonder if anyone is having an issue with running 8 ATI GPUs? It would be nice to isolate if it is a Windows infrastructure bug versus and NVIDIA driver issue. Since the whole machine is slowing, I'd have to believe that it was Windows 7.

When you boot into safe mode, is the entire machine slow? This should bypass the driver and let you know if it is a resource allocation issue.
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