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Default Performance under linux

Hello there, just for a quote , I takethe time for write .

I have bought a geforce FX 5600, before i have a geforce 3TI 500. I have bought this FX 5600, think is better than G3 TI 500 .

This is the glxgears test

with G3TI500 on Athlon 2000Xp : 3300 fps
with Geforce FX 5600 on Athlon 2000 Xp: 2700 fps

I have only one thing to say What the **** ? Nvidia build some graphiccard powerless than Old serie ??

I am bored by that, i have buy u newer card than my Geforce3 TI 500, and its sucking :'( !!!!

What can I do for have a newer Geforce FX 5600 better than my Ge TI 500 ? Sell my car and buy a Geforce FX 5950 Ultra ? Lol, lol and lol.

Sorry, if i think this sucking, but my geforce3 is a 1-2 years old, and my new Geforce FX5600 is a crap. Well it support DirectX 9 ? and under linux whats the advantage.


If you don't care at that, brb on U!

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