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Default why are core 2 prices retarded?

So long story short, I have a 2nd lga775 mobo to build a new backup system with. It pretty much just needs a cpu now, so I started looking around and to say I am shocked is an understatement. I was sad to see new egg pretty much sells nothing but refurbs, but the refurbs start at $70 for the really slow ones. Ebay and pretty much gave me similar prices.. that is I could find a bottom of the line core 2 for about $100, but stepping up a little shoots the price way up. The q6600 that I bough in full packaging was $380 5 years ago... now I can have the OEM version for a cheap $!

An i3-2100 which is faster then my Q6600 is a mear $125 new. So apparently I can get old memory, GPUs, and motherboards dirt cheap, but not the cpu's... does intel buy them back or something to screw people needing replacement parts for old PC's?
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