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Default Re: How to make Win7 handle eight GPUs properly ?

Originally Posted by Romant View Post
>>> Have you considered contacting Nvidia or Microsoft?
I would like to but have no ideas how to do it. Nvidia support web pages provide links to forums where nobody answers, Microsoft forums are a bit more responsive but also not too much. How to contact them to make them do something ?

>>> Tesla
Well, GTX580 cards are a bit cheaper than Teslas, I would say that price difference is very remarkable. In addition, floats are enough for my purposes.

>>> Other people/companies that build something similar.
Yes, I have contacted one company. They say they do exactly same things with exactly same OS and drivers with almost exactly similar hardware (they use FT77 instead of FT72 barebone) - and everything works just fine for them, no problems at all. I would have considered hardware problems - but this rig worked under XP64!
Very interesting. I would continue running 7 until you can figure it out.

Is it possible the 8th card is damaged/defective?
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