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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Thanks, guys.

Nice as always, Darth. If I hadn't needed that bottom tray for all my SSDs then I would've mounted the radiator horizontal like you did. I think it'll work out fine this way as well, though. It's actually working nicely since the fittings on the drive bay res and radiator are sitting almost parallel to each other.

Muppet - thanks. I've never gone all black with a build so thought I would give it a try. There will be a little color. I'm using blood red coolant, and that hasn't gone in yet. Thought it would give the impression of blood running through a black creature, or something.

Lee - the bridge doesn't bother me. I actually purchased it separately because I hated the ugly orange MSI bridge that came with the cards. This was the only black Crossfire bridge that I could find. I know you can always sleeve them, but I really didn't want to mess with sleeving right now. There's nothing I hate worse than having to sleeve cables.. although I know it's a necessity if you're after that extra clean look.

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