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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

I like WoW's world much better. SWTOR zones are planet after planet and they don't feel like real places. They have a very sterile feel. Walk down a path to water, if there is any and it's just water up to your waist. In WoW, it's a bit like Skyrim, you walk down to some water and there'll be crabs on the beach, you can see fish in the water and even enter the water and swim, submerge and look at coral and stuff. There animals in herds grazing in WoW, wolves chasing rabbits, squirrels darting across the road. All of the creatures feel placed in clumps in SWTOR. It seems the SWTOR team put much more focus on the man-made interiors (Building interiors, Underground bunker/bases, ship/station interiors) than the outdoor areas. These areas are incredibly detailed, outdoor, not so much.

Each zone flows into the other in WoW and Blizzard did go back to the 1-60 game and revamped all of the zones and quests, made them more like BC and WotLK. While it doesn't have voice acting, I like WoW's game world much more. It allows you to level up in different areas, not the same planet at every level for everyone every time. This makes a second play-through to 50 in SWTOR a rough slog.
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