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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Air is being drawn from the top radiator and rear one for the CPU's and motherboard water block cooling(4 fans there + 2 pumps), and the rear area right above the video cards, and expelled towards the front where the vertical radiators for the GPU's are located(4 fans and 3 pumps in that loop).....The next step is water jet cutting the side panels and the front door to allow for better airflow and maybe in such a way to allow the installation of more fans.

This is the most complex build i've ever attempted and simply making it look somewhat clean is a challenge given the space constraints and all the hardware involved.
Yeah, I've had monster rigs like yours before and trying to manage cables can be a nightmare. It's a lot easier if you have a workshop where you can drill some holes in some convenient places (unibits work great for this..). I was lucky that mine had lots of cutouts for me to hide wires behind the motherboard tray. I still spent a good 10-12 hours just working on cable management, though. Very tedious process but worth it in the end to me.

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