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Default Re: Post Your Rig 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Yea, to be honest, given the amount of money you've spent and the hardware that's in there, it might be better to buy an even bigger full tower case (or one of those giant boxes like DB uses) and then you can use all the rads you want.

You've done a great job given the size limitations, though.

Well the case is the largest lian li makes(v2120x) and it's an HPTX case, meaning it's built to handle the EVGA SR-2 motherboard just fine....The tricky part is all the cooling action going on inside with all the pipes going everywhere...

The only thing even larger than this is a mountain mods cube case or a danger den case, but i still wanted this system to be beside my desk, and look good (can't go wrong with lian li there on the looks) without it looking like a mini fridge( mountain mods), or something you see the whole inside of it as it's made of plexiglass almost entirely( danger den).....It also helps that the lian li is all aluminum to somewhat keep the weight down, but it still weighs over 100 lbs even then.
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