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Default Re: Alan Wake coming to Steam in February

Originally Posted by Siskods9 View Post
"Alan Wake PC version covers costs " - This is great news for Remedy, I was originally let down when the PC version was cancelled some years ago and so I played it through on Xbox 360 to completion. While the game was very enjoyable on the 360, it was ugly - there was no V-sync, it suffered from low screen and texture resolution and occasional frame rate issues which really highlighted the 360's ageing hardware against the expectations of a PC Gamer used to a high end PC. I lamented at what might have been and so I jumped at the chance to play it on PC and picked it up on Steam. While the released version of Alan Wake may not be the originally envisaged concept from Remedy (as they had to make a lot of design concessions to keep Microsoft happy), the PC version looks and plays very well and in terms of it's visuals, is everything that I had hoped the 360 version would be but wasn't. IMHO its excellent value at half the typical price of a new PC title, I recommend everyone who liked the Dead Space and Resident Evil games to check it out.
Agreed. Good news on the cost too.

On another note, I just switched drivers from the 295.51 betas to the new 295.73s. Very smooth, no odd graphical glitches like I had before and I have almost everything set to high now. Good job on this driver set Nvidia.
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