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Nope, figured it out last night (i'm in australia, so today or whatever you weird americans are up to) here's the lowdown for anyone else experiencing the same problem :-

have a look at the nvidia install guide, and flick over to the options. now, I assumed defaults would be the normal, safe settings but for some reason it was trying to initilize X to my TV, and finding that 1024x768 was not good.. this was why it was rejecting all my resolutions. I eventually figured this out because i deleted every resolution except for 1024 - and the log file came up with an error along the lines of 'not a valid TV resolution' which kinda tipped me off - I'm not going to provide the actual lines of a what I did, cause it's all out of the PDF file (print it out if you can) but the option lines involved with the TV display are worth setting manually
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