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Default end of year thanks!

I don't post in the forums much, but thought I would pass on a word of thanks. Especially in view of the article at bjorn3d on the WWW being old. Yes, its become a chore for some, and still a necessity. My profession requires I keep up with technology and changes AND get work done. Sometimes I do have to surf to extend knowledge or find a new way of doing things, figure out some programming techniques that need to be used in a way no one thought of before. Enter news compilation and link sites, etc. You folks have been nice enough to do part of my job in finding info, keeping me updated on the hardware side so that I can do what I enjoy most: the software side.

I just wanted to say that I appreciated all the help. Thank you!

just me,
P.S. Don't tell my boss you helped me.... He thinks I am omniscient.

(edited: corrected site of article... long day already)

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