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Default Quadro FX3700 only 100 Hz in Stereo Mode "10" w. VG278H


we got a new monitor, Asus VG278H, which is 120 Hz capable. We would like to use it with 3D Vision Glasses in stereo for structural biology works. Unfortunately, when connecting the monitor to a Quadro FX3700 with "Option Stereo 10" it only runs at 100 Hz, which leads to unbearable flickering in Stereo.
I already tried several things in the xorg.conf, but could not manage to convince the driver to put it into 120 Hz mode. With other monitors, e.g. Samsung 2233RZ, the same thing did always work fine.

How could I force the quadro card to run at 120 Hz in stereo 10 mode?
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