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Default Re: No GTX680 until Q2 2012

Originally Posted by walterman View Post
Wasn't Maxwell scheduled for 2013 ?

If the high end part of Kepler is not going to be released until Q3/Q4 2012, then, it's not going to be worth the waiting.

Anyway, anything without a 512bit bus paired with GDDR5 is not worth the upgrade
...And fermi was scheduled for 2010, and kelper was scheduled for 2011, seeing a pattern here? Maxwell will be end of 2013 if not into 2014.

What I don't get is, if this roadmap is correct, and the rumors of 40% faster are correct, what NV is gonna do launching so much later. 7990 is gonna be out before then, which should have better than 40% above 7970. Hell, stock 7970s can overclock +30% while still staying under 300w TDP, thats almost up to that level right now. They don't think that in 8 months AMD can cook up a respun/redesigned 7970, lets call it 7980, thats clocked up to ~1300mhz that can beat it? And these are the high end rumors, if its any of the lower end ones...

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